I’ve compiled a list of the products I use day in, day out, together with discount codes, to pass on a little saving to you all.

You guys know I love trying new things and I’m always on the look out for new products made with high quality ingredients, free from hidden nasties and gut irritants but when you’re onto something good, you don’t stop, ya know? So this list is my ride or die, tried and tested, true blue recommendation of products that you’ll find in my cupboards all year round, enjoy!

Nutraviva Simply Beautiful Marine Collagen

Our bodies natural ability to produce collagen declines as we age which can effect not only our skin, joints and bones but also our digestive and immune systems. I always look to get more bang for my buck with any supplement and that’s why I use Simply Beautiful.

This is more than just a marine collagen supplement. This blend contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support glowing hair, skin, nails AND collagen production.

I’m sorry guys, I just can’t decide which flavour I love most! Both the Rose Berry and Watermelon taste absolutely divine in my strawberry smoothies.

Discount code for Nutraviva: BLONDE

Naturally Sweet Sugar Replacements

The Naturally Sweet website is a sugar free paradise. I use the monk fruit and stevia blends as a sugar replacement in all of my recipes. They are low carb, keto friendly, diabetic friendly and gut friendly!

I love adding the caramel stevia drops to coffee and smoothies.

Discount code for Naturally Sweet: BLONDE10

Happy Way Vegan Protein Powder

I use this protein powder in everything from baking and raw treats to smoothies, smoothie bowls and healthy ice creams.

Made with simple, clean ingredients, these vegan protein powders are naturally sweetened with a hint of stevia and totally gut friendly. I used this protein powder throughout my entire gut healing protocol in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. My go-to is mixing a little coconut yoghurt with the vegan vanilla protein, in just seconds you have creamy vanilla custard.

The vegan vanilla and vegan chocolate are my two favourites. I have heard good things about the cacao mint but I’m just not a choc mint kind of gal!

Discount code for Happy Way: HAPPYBLONDE

Beforeyouspeak Coffee + Creamer

Beforeyouspeak coffee is designed to give you strong, clean energy, without the jitters. Each box contains 30 convenient single serve sachets – great for travelling and stashing in the handbag. I carried these sachets with us all through Africa and they were a total life saver. FACT: there’s no Barista in the Serengeti!

Beforeyouspeak coffee is naturally sweetened with a hint of stevia so there’s no need to add sugar, this stuff just tastes so good, much better than your regular cup of black joe. The One OG and Caramel are my flavour picks. Occasionally I add a dash of almond milk, but most days I just add hot water from the jug.

If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, the chocolate creamer is a must. It’s basically a sugar free, keto friendly hot chocolate powder – no milk required! I like to mix a scoop of the chocolate creamer with hot water for a healthy afternoon hot chocolate (drools).

Discount code for beforeyouspeak: FEEDTHATBLONDE

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