Kitchen Essentials

Everything I use

Froothie Blender
The Exact Make and Model of Blender I use
Hands down the best kitchen item I have ever owned. This blender makes healthy, soft serve style ice creams with ease as well as nut butters, dips/hummus, smoothie bowls and raw treats.
best kitchen essentials
Cookie Dough Scoops
Want perfectly symetric cookies, protein balls, burger patties and falafels? These will be your new best friend! Sold in a set of three sizes (small, medium, and large)
Measuring Spoons
Measuring Spoons with Half Measurements
For years I was eye balling my spoon measurements using cutlery and let me tell you, using a proper measuring utensil is a game changer. Particularly those half measurements!
Ice Cream & Smoothie Jars (Medium)
These jars give the Instagram aesthetic to my healthy soft serve ice creams and matcha latte’s ;). They’re also convenient as you can pop the lid on at any time and save the rest for later.
16oz Ball Mason Jar
Reusable Glass Straws & Large Smoothie Cup
Seastraws Set
The glass straws I use are non toxic, BPA free, hypoallergenic, dishwasher safe and because of the non-porous structure of borosilicate glass, no bacteria from your drink will forever get stuck inside. Seastraws have given me a discount code to share with you for 10% off your order, enter “BLONDE” at checkout.
The Glass Jars I use for Storage
I use these jars to store home made jams, spreads, hummus, nuts and seeds. They’re also great for making overnight oats and layered desserts. Sold in a set of 6.
Mod Appliances Juicer
The Cold Press Juicer I use Daily
It’s no secret I love my daily green juice and this baby extracts every last drip from whatever you put through it. You can even make your own almond milk and healthy sorbet using this machine! MOD Appliances will provide you with a $25 discount code using the link below.
Rechargeable Milk Frother
My Rechargeable Hand Held Milk Frother/Whisk
This rechargeable hand held milk frother is the best for making a cafe style coffee, hot chocolate or matcha latte in seconds. The best part – no more replacing batteries every single week, just plug in to recharge.

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