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PB&J Fudge

PB&J Fudge

Dairy free! Gluten free! Refined sugar free! I’m in a bit of a raspberry phase at the moment, I’ve been adding them to most of my recipes and yesterday my brain exploded with a sudden thought of “FUDGE – why don’t I make fudge with a raspberry sauce/swirl/topping”. So I got experimenting in the kitchen, …

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Prawn Salad - Best and Healthy Recipes

Prawn Salad

Some of you have been asking me to share some savoury recipes so, to give the people what they want but also show you I eat more than just desserts & protein powder :P, here is the recipe for a very easy salad I like to throw together. I will usually have 150g prawns and …

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Microwave Protein Muffy

Microwave Protein Muffy

Have you ever finished dinner and craved something sweet for dessert with nothing in sight? All of a sudden you are thinking about doing the last minute run to the convenience store/service station to pick up an unhealthy sugar filled fix. Well you just S.T.O.P right there – I got you! You need to try …

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