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Raspberry Collagen Smoothie

Your Skin Glowing, Low Sugar, Healthy Berry Smoothie Recipe

You guys know I love my smoothies! I’m always sharing them on Instagram stories but I often forget to upload them to the blog! Well not today my friends! This healthy berry smoothie is exactly what you need in your life, particularly if you love a creamy smoothie recipe but can’t tolerate whey protein!

Protein wise, I rotate between grass fed whey, goats whey and bovine collagen in my smoothies. I love all three and having a rotation means there is less likelihood of developing an intolerance to one or the other. I still love vegan protein powders as they are amazing to bake with but I’m definitely not using them in my smoothies anymore as I prefer to reap the amazing amino acid benefits of using a complete protein. The collagen hydrolysate from Nutraviva is sourced from grass fed, grass finished cows (happy healthy cows) to ensure all of those amazing nutrients are passed on to you.  It also contains smaller pre-digested peptides (when compared to other proteins) which allows them to be absorbed by the body faster than intact proteins, this maximises nutrient delivery to cells which is awesome! Collagen is my pick for this smoothie recipe because it keeps it dairy free but will still deliver max nutrients to the body.

Smoothie sweeteners – I try not to load my smoothies up with too much fruit because #gutissues so I find they are not quite sweet enough without a little something extra and that extra is pure monk fruit extract. I wrote an entire blog on how amazing this stuff is and why you should be using it as your sweetener of choice if you experience gut health issues like bloating, gassy stomach, chronic constipation etc etc.

Extras – I’m loving the new super reds powder from Happy Way in smoothies right now! It adds so much flavour with just one scoop and as always with Happy Way products the ingredients are spot on/no nasties! Use code HAPPYBLONDE for a discount. This will also add a boost of sweetness to your smoothies or you can stir it into a glass of still or sparkling water for an afternoon pick me up!


Healthy Berry Smoothie

Prep Time 5 mins
Servings 1 serve



  • Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth.
  • Pour into your favourite smoothie cup and enjoy!
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